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  • AKADEMEIA — Executive/Creative Producer. TV series developed for 11 Varas (in development), in association with Invention Studios. Based on the book trilogy by Jesús Santamaría.

  • Un buen colchón (11 Varas, 2024) — Theater play. Producer.

  • CARNIVAL ROW (Amazon Prime Video, 2019) — Script Consultant for showrunner Rene Echevarria on the first three episodes of Season 1 (uncredited).

  • POWER ON (Google/YouTube, 2019) — Author of two installments in the series: "Boundless," directed by Rosario Dawson; and "Wingbeat," directed by Ana Contreras. The series premiered in April 2019, gaining one million views on YouTube and reaching two million unique viewers through grassroots marketing in the first month.

  • ALPHA, directed by Albert Hughes (Studio 8, 2018) — Script Development Assistant (uncredited). With a budget of $50M, the film went on to make nearly $100M at the box office worldwide.

  • LEÓN, directed by Victoriano Rubio (2013) — Co-writer and Story Editor.

  • COUP DE GRÂCE, directed by Victoriano Rubio (2010)​ — Writer.

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